[Script] Galv’s Invaders Minigame Expansion

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted. I’ve been working on my main project mostly as I want to make some substantial progress on it. Thus, my scripting projects have been placed on the backburner. However, I do have a few scripts in the works and once I finish the next milestone in my game expect to see some more scripts.


In the meantime, I did do some scripting but it was more of a side project. Galv, whose awesome script collection can be found in my sidebar, made a space shooter minigame. I took the liberty of making an expansion which added a new weapon and other features. He has since incorporated these changes and more in the main script; you can find the thread here.


2 thoughts on “[Script] Galv’s Invaders Minigame Expansion

  1. Hi Ocedic,

    I am bit confused with the terms of use of this expansion, because the original script from Galv is free to use for commercial projects.
    What are the terms of use for this expansion?

    • My terms only apply to scripts posted on this site. If I do a script edit, you don’t even have to credit me (though it’d be nice.) Also, the patch at this point is deprecated as Galv has incorporated all of the script’s features into an actual release of his original script. He used some of the ideas but wrote all of his own code for that.

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