OC Animated Gauges

Current Version: 1.3b

Last Updated: 3/16/13

This script changes HP, MP and TP gauges to update gradually rather than instantly. It’s designed to work with the default battle system and Yanfly’s Battle System/Core scripts.

Instructions can be found in the script.

Download the script here.


6 thoughts on “OC Animated Gauges

  1. I tested your script with : Jet SBS + Yanfly battle engine + Kms generic gauge + Yami ATB as my main scripts and lot of other SBS addons scripts. I don’t know why but I lagged when I tried your script.

    My FPS dropped to 11. I restarted my PC to be sure it wasn’t from me and it hasn’t changed anything. 😦

  2. Just tested this with Syvkal’s Menu Bars (custom gauges) + Yanfly’s Core/Battle system and it worked very well. Only thing I saw was that the text outline was flickering for a second during an attack or being attacked and when the bars decrease, but no lag. It was a small quirk, but noticeable if you are looking.

    This was also with Yami’s ATB and it worked great, no lag. I just had to fix the position of the HP bar by one pixel. Other than that, fantastic script! Thanks for this!

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