OC Custom Equip Optimize

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 3/30/13

This script addresses a pet peeve of mine with RMVXA, which is the “Optimize” option in the Equip scene. By default, optimize uses a fixed equation to assign value to weapons and armor. For example, the equation for weapons is 2 * ATK + 2 * MAT + all other parameters. This poses a few issues:

  • ATK and MAT are given equal weight even if the actor in question may prefer one to the other! Your warrior probably does not want MAT while your mage likely favors it.
  • HP and MP are given equal weight to other stats, in spite of the fact that generally 1 parameter point is far more valuable than 1 point of HP.
  • The equation ignores item features such as HIT, CRIT and EVA. And of course, item attributes from scripts are ignored as well.
  • Custom Equip Optimize addresses these concerns by letting you assign parameter weight based on classes.

    Here, class 1’s optimize equation is 0.5 * MaxHP + 0 * MP + 4 * ATK + all other parameters. In short, the ATK parameter is highly valuable to class 1 compared to other stats.

    In addition, weapons and armor can be given flat adjustment values via the notetag:

    Download the script here.


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